My Online Dating Story

Hi! I’m Katherine, and this is my online dating story…..

Like thousands of other people, I turned to online dating in search of love.

I was recently divorced, and had been out of the dating scene, well… pretty much forever. And I swore that I would never get on “one of those online dating websites.” I’d never needed the internet to meet men before, so why would I need it now? Famous last words….

I signed up for online dating only because of my best friend, Anna. She and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. Three years before my divorce, she’d met her now-husband through an online dating website. And no one could deny that Anna and her husband are absolutely perfect for each other. She said, “Just sign up. It’ll be fun! Or at least entertaining.” It took a lot of selling on her part… I eventually said, “Okay”… and took the plunge.

I discovered what you probably know, too: the internet opens up a new world of dating possibilities…but it has its pitfalls.

But I wasn’t going to compromise. I’d been in many relationships where something was missing, but I justified staying because it “mostly” seemed to work. I’d dated guys I had great intellectual connections with, but wasn’t terribly attracted to. I’d dated guys who seemed to have everything I wanted, but somehow it only worked on paper and in real life that magic spark was missing.

I’d had enough of that. I wanted it all, or I’d simply be content to stay single.

I didn’t feel like I really knew what I was doing, and the whole process felt strange and truly uncomfortable at times. But, it turns out, I did a lot of things right. I’m a writer by trade – I’ve published fiction, marketing copy, and technical content – and I used my writing skills to create a dating profile that got a lot of attention. In fact, I was overwhelmed with messages from men. Don’t get me wrong, my photos helped, too, and I was very particular about how I presented myself visually. But it was the way that men responded to my tagline and description that led me to believe I’d done something right.

I’m a writer by trade, and I used my writing skills to create an online dating profile that got a lot of positive attention.

And I didn’t get men who were just looking for hookups or one-night-stands, which was one of the misconceptions I’d had that made me apprehensive about online dating. No…I was attracting some great men. I was truly surprised by how many quality men were out there, looking for a real connection and relationship. Because frankly, even through I’d embarked upon online dating with an open heart and an open mind, I didn’t expect to find the kind of man I was looking for.

But I DID find him.

Actually, he found me. I’d exchanged messages with many other really great guys – and a couple of duds – and went on several first dates. But from the start, Casey was the one who stood out by a mile. He was the only one I wanted to see for a second date (I was being REALLY picky). I literally didn’t sleep at all the night after we met, and I couldn’t wait to see him again.

Early on, I realized that Casey was exactly what I’d been looking for. And looking back, I realize I set myself up for success. You see, I’d done some serious work and reflection before I started online dating. I had a very clear idea of what I was seeking. I don’t mean a checklist (makes so much per year, over six feet tall, etc, etc), but the type of connection I was seeking and the type of dynamic I wanted with a man.

I believe the inner work I did before I started online dating, combined with an online dating profile that showcased the true ME in a compelling way, produced the only outcome it could have produced… meeting Casey. From the start, I recognized that Casey was (and he still is) my perfect match. He believes the same about me. After we started seeing each other exclusively, I very happily canceled my online dating accounts.

If I can find my perfect match online, I know that anyone else can, too.

But many online daters are sabotaging themselves from the start with poorly written profiles that make it too difficult for their perfect matches to find them.

Most online dating profiles are too generic, utterly yawn-worthy, contain red-flag phrases that repel the good catches, strike the wrong tone, or emphasize the wrong things and leave out the important things.

I’ve read dozens of profiles of online daters who are attracting the wrong types or just aren’t getting hits or responses, and certainly aren’t finding the love they seek. The fact is, most people create online dating profiles that are too generic, utterly yawn-worthy, contain red-flag phrases that repel the good catches, strike the wrong tone, or emphasize the wrong things and leave out the important things.

I want to teach you exactly how to create a profile that will attract your perfect match.

Online dating doesn’t need to be a discouraging, humiliating slog through profiles and messages and bad dates.

Picture in your mind looking back in a year… or five years… or ten years… and thinking, “I can’t imagine life without this wonderful person, my perfect match, beside me.” I will show you how to transform your profile to attract your perfect match.

Please go to the Services page to get started creating an online dating profile that showcases YOUR unique spark. Together, we’ll transform your profile into a beacon to attract your perfect match!

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