A Dog, a Duck, and The Law of Attraction

Not long ago, I decided to try an experiment from the book E-Squared by Pam Grout. The experiment was simple – pick something, such as “green cars” or “yellow butterflies,” and then watch for those objects over the next 24 hours. The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate how our thoughts create our reality.

For my experiment, I decided to watch for feathers. Later in the day, my (gorgeous, brilliant, generous) boyfriend texted me three photos of artwork that featured birds. He said they made him think of me, he thought they would look great in a room I recently redecorated. I thought, “Hmm, birds…. Close, but not precisely what I’m watching for.”

Later that night, I drove to my mother’s house to take care of the three Labs my stepfather trains as hunting dogs. I let the dogs out one at a time to do their thing. I let Bella out last, and she took off for the large pond that edges the property. It was dark out, but I could hear her crashing around in the brush. I whistled her back a few times, but she didn’t come. I grumbled and kept whistling, figuring she’d found something fragrantly rotting to roll in.

No animals were harmed in the taking of this picture. But one dead duck is now famous. Okay, maybe not famous, exactly.....

No animals were harmed in the taking of this picture. But one dead duck is now famous. Okay, maybe not famous, exactly…..

She finally trotted back home, carrying something in her mouth that she’d found by the water. When she got close enough to the floodlight near the kennels, I saw what it was: a dead duck. She was clearly proud of the prize she’d brought back (which I have no doubt she found rather than killed – she’s trained to not hurt the birds). After a momentmy “ewww” changed into “wow.” The universe had sent Bella on an errand – a bit of a macabre one, but nonetheless one that couldn’t have been more up her alley – and she’d presented me with a whole bird’s worth of feathers as the proof in my experiment.

Next, I think I will watch for large stacks of cash. I’ll be dog-sitting again in a few weeks. ;)


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